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Ofu and Olosega Map 
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Ofu and Olosega map

Ofu and Olosega Map

Ofu and Olosega islands, in the Manua Group east of Tutuila Island, are a wonderful ecotourism destination. A branch of American Samoa National Park runs along Ofu Island's south coast from the airport to the bridge that connects Ofu to Olosega. The swimming and snorkeling off this spectacular beach are great.

Both Ofu and Olosega are high volcanic islands with jungle-clad interiors. The north coast of Ofu and the east coast of Olosega are almost inaccessible by land. The third inhabited island of the Manua Group, Tau Island, can be seen to the southeast.

Both Ofu Island and Olosega Island have a single Samoan village of the same name. Sili village on Olosega is now largely abandoned. The airport is at Ofu's southern tip, and there are daily commuter flights from Pago Pago International Airport on Tutuila. Travel to the Manua Islands by ship is also possible, though unusual for a tourist.

Two small hotels provide adequate, inexpensive accommodations. Vaoto Lodge is right next to Ofu Airport, while Le Asaga Inn is next to the bridge linking Ofu to Olosega. Both hotels serve meals, and bicycles can be borrowed. The beautiful islands of Ofu and Olosega are well worth including in your American Samoa vacation.

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