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The De Rienzi Gallery

In 1836 M.G.L. Domeny de Rienzi's Océanie ou Cinquième Partie du Monde was published by Firmin Didot Frères in Paris, France.

The prints of Polynesia and Melanesia which follow are from this classic three-volume work.

The images below are details. To view the complete engravings, click on the thumbnails.

jungle at Mounin Sima battle in Samoa, 1787 transfer of authority, Rotuma Islanders beckoning, Rotuma

a jungle at Mounin Sima, Ogasawara Islands

Captain de Langle's death in 1787, Tutuila, American Samoa

transfer of authority, Rotuma, Fiji

islanders beckoning to a ship, Rotuma, Fiji

spearing a bird Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island Adamstown, Pitcairn Island Tanna, Vanuatu

spearing a bird before a case (house), New Caledonia

the landing at Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island

an early 19th century view of Adamstown, Pitcairn Island

view of Tanna Island, Vanuatu
(New Hebrides)

monument to La Perouse Solomon Islanders reception on Tikopia grating taro

monument to French explorer La Perouse on Vanikolo

Vanikolo islanders, Solomon Islands

reception for French officers on Tikopia, Solomon Islands

grating taro, Vanikolo, Solomon Islands

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