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Nukunonu Atoll Map 
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Nukunonu atoll map

Nukunonu Atoll Map

Nukunonu, the central atoll of the Tokelau Islands, is 64 kilometers from Fakaofo and 92 kilometers from Atafu. It's the largest of the three in terms of both land and water.

Since there's no deep passage into the lagoon, i's possible to hike right around the atoll in a couple of days. One reef crossing takes about four hours and must be carefully timed.

Unlike Atafu which is stridently Protestant and Fakaofo which is mixed, Nukunonu is mostly Catholic. Thus life is more relaxed with fewer of the Congregationalist-style prohibitions.

Nukunonu village on the southwest side of the atoll has a large whitewashed stone church. The village is divided into two parts by a reef pass spanned by a bridge.

No dugout canoes are left on Nukunonu; everyone has switched to aluminum outboards. The rhinoceros beetle, a pest that attacks coconut trees, has established itself here.

In 1995, Mr. Luhiano Perez, headmaster of the local school, and his wife Juliana opened the Luana Liki Hotel near the school and a four-minute walk from the store. This solid, lilac-colored two-story building contains nine double rooms.

The Luana Liki and another small guest house on Nukunonu are the only hotels in the Tokelau Islands.

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