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Vavau map

Map of Vavau, Tonga

The Vavau Island Group, 300 kilometers north of Tonga's capital Nukualofa, is one of the premier yachting centers of the South Pacific. Several large yacht charter operations have become established here, attracted by the many safe anchorages, good cruising, and natural beauty.

Vavau is also the South Pacific's most popular whalewatching venue. Over 100 humpback whales come here from July to October to bear their young and vacation in Tonga's warm waters during the southern winter. About a dozen whalewatching companies based in the regional capital, Neiafu, take visitors out in boats to see the cetaceans.

Other than sailing, the sporting activities available at Vavau include kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing. Boat trips to places like Mariner's Cave on Niupapu Island and Swallows Cave on Kapa Island are very popular. Vavau is also known for its lavish feasts with Tongan music, dancing, and food.

Most Vavau hotels (including the Paradise Hotel) are in or near Neiafu, but many small all-inclusive resorts are on islands south of Vavau Island. The best known of these are Blue Lagoon Resort on Foeata Island, Mounu Island Resort, Treasure Island on Euaiki Island, and Mala Island Resort.

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